Energy & Commodity Trading Software - Logistics & Risk Management Software

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Energy Trading Software

Energy Trading Software

Amphora’s energy trading and risk management software suite of solutions utilizes the latest developments methodologies, standardized to give you the ultimate flexibility and ease of maintenance. It delivers the high level of performance, speed, and scalability that you require for your business. As with any good software system, Symphony is constantly evolving to leverage the latest technologies.

Energy Trading Software

Logistics and Freight Management Software

Logistics and Freight
Management Software

Throughout history, waterways have been used extensively to transport goods and people. The maritime freight industry continues to thrive today, but it has changed. Increased operating costs, complex needs and fierce competition may all factor in your search for a comprehensive freight and logistics management software solution.

Logistics and Freight Management Software

Commodity Trading Software

Commodity Trading Software

Buying, selling and managing risk are all critical aspects of commodity trading. In order to protect your investments and recoup any losses, you need to have timely access to accurate data so that you will be better able to manage and protect your assets. Using the right back office software can help you better streamline and manage your everyday tasks.

Commodity Trading Software

Risk Management Software

Risk Management Software

Comprehensive risk management software can reduce your overall risk, improve your organization’s performance and increase the amount of control you have over your commodity trading and risk management. The right software package to help you manage your needs will depend not just on the primary focus of the solution but also the people who will be using it.

Risk Management Software

Energy Trading Software

Symphony OIL

Symphony Oil

Symphony, is a highly scalable, end-to-end solution specific to crude oil and refined products trading that offers robust functionality, supports rapidly growing business demands.

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Logistics & Freight Software

Symphony FREIGHT


Symphony FREIGHT is a comprehensive system for maritime and trucking and storage management giving you full tracking and trading control of your freight management.

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Commodity Trading Software

Symphony GAS

Symphony Gas

Symphony GAS is a straight through processing ETRM system that brings state of the art capability to the gas and power market. It supports both physical and financial transactions.

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Symphony POWER

Symphony Power

Symphony POWER The system offers a number of functionalities including automated trade capture, a detailed trade blotter, gas and power scheduling, EPS (ePower System with ISO Interface), confirmations.

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Commodity Trading & Risk Management Software

Commodity Trading & Risk Management SoftwareAmphora Inc. is the leading software solution and service provider for energy and commodity trading, risk management and logistics execution. Businesses turn to Amphora for trading software depth, rapid and reliable delivery, and outstanding customer service. Our software solutions offer risk management as well as transactional strategies for global crude oil, refined products and energy derivatives including gas and power.

Our collaborative risk management approach assists in getting you closer to the asset and staying ahead of the market. Our software solutions offer assistance in the handling of all aspects of the energy commodities lifecycle around the world. The implementation of our risk management software gives you more time to pay attention to what really matters – effective trading.


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